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What It Takes To Succeed

by Richard Norris on May 29, 2016

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What It Takes To Succeed

Everyone wants success yet not everyone attains it.

Why is that?

Well…not everyone is prepared to be and do what it takes to succeed.

As I read recently, simply put, success takes what it takes. That means you will be willing to pay the price that success calls for.

Every day I affirm my kids that they have what it takes. I am willfully watering the seed of their future success each day. I confess I don’t know what their success will look like. As they are young, they don’t yet either. But just starting out on their Journey of Success, my instilling seeds of self-belief can only be helpful. But I know, their success is between them and God.

Now I must state, as I have before, that success means different things to different people. Success is relative. For some, it means ‘getting’. For others, it means ‘giving’. And for a slew of others it’s on the scale between those two meanings.

My success will not be your success and vice versa. Sadly though, others, who want to influence you to believe what they believe about success, are often quick to play the comparison game – “You need to be more like so and so”. All that does though is sets you up for disappointment and frustration. They want you to try and be someone you will never be rather than you be yourself.

As I was discussing this with another coach on the pool deck this week, you cannot compare apples with oranges. There is only one you and that’s who you need to compare yourself with.

For you to succeed, you must first and foremost be yourself – not someone else. Oscar Wilde said it best, “Be yourself because everyone else is taken.”

Your biggest and best competition on your Journey of Success is you, and only you.

The secret to your success and your progress towards it is to challenge yourself each day to be better to #BEGREATER and then focus on making that happen. Do that and your success will come.

Know that you have what it takes. And that’s what it will take for you to succeed.

To further you along your own Journey of Success, here’s the wisdom I’ve gleaned over the past 2 weeks that may just plant and/or water the seed of success in you. Onward…

1. Most bad attitudes are the result of selfishness.
2. Know your speed limit…know when to slow down.
3. Do everything for God’s glory…including eating.
4. Keep eternal perspective and long term vision to prevent mistakes in short-term decisions.
5. You can tell how spiritually healthy you are by your appetite for the things of God.
6. You’re not nobody, you’re somebody!
7. Don’t sacrifice your future for something that’s not worthy of your time or energy.
8. Live by the 3 Rs – repent, rectify situations and take responsibility for your life.
9. Success: it takes what it takes.
10. Love and accept yourself.
11. Your shortcomings are opportunities for growth.
12. God didn’t need to create you; He chose to.
13. Anger is meant to be your servant not your master.
14. View others in the context of their best qualities rather than their worst ones.
15. When you truly believe, tough stuff becomes an opportunity.
16. Value your greatness.
17. When fatigue walks in, faith walks out.
18. If you need time off, take it.
19. Improve yourself and you improve the people you attract.
20. It’s in maintaining the blessings God has given you that you learn the difference between what’s important in life and what’s not.
21. Take out your rubbish – nobody else is going to do it for you.
22. When it comes to success, you have a choice – the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.
23. Winners see failure as temporary; losers see it as permanent.
24. It’s when faithfulness is most difficult that it’s most necessary.
25. The greatest audience a child can have is an interested parent.
26. Pick the right company – avoid those who strengthen your fear; align with those who feed your faith.
27. Belief is built on the foundation of your past accomplishments. Olivier Leroy
28. It’s you versus you, and no one else. Olivier Leroy
29. The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going. Ralph Waldo Emerson.
30. The secret to success is to start from scratch – and keep on scratching. John Mason

God bless &


Uneventful Encouragement

by Richard Norris on May 15, 2016

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Uneventful Encouragement
Ever watched those people who love to live life on the edge? They jump off mountains or out of planes. They chase tornadoes. They push the limits of human endurance. They live for the risk. They live for the thrill. They live on adrenaline…and they seem to be addicted to it.
Good on ‘em.
I watch said people and think they must be nuts! But then, they might look at me and say the same. They might look at my life and see my life as on an edge that they couldn’t live on.
The truth is we all live life on the edge – whether we have chosen it or not. We may not all be Bear Grylls but we will endure tests and trials in our lives.
Life is full of extremes. It has it’s ups and downs – they are inevitable. Either extreme is often marked by a significant event, moment or cause. The ups are extremes we enjoy. The downs are the ones we don’t. But without the contrast of highs and lows, life would be dull and uneventful.
No matter what is going on we need encouragement and we need to be encouraged.
When you are down you know there is a better direction to head. When you are up you want to stay there forever, but that’s not realistic. In time, you have to come down. The advantage to that is that it is setting you up for the next high.
As I’ve noticed this past week, there are times, however, when nothing eventful, nothing extreme happens. You’re not in a rut. I’m not saying it’s boring. It’s just the daily routine. You’re not on the climb. You’re not on the decline. Life is just moving on with nary a ripple. And you know what? That’s OK!
The world would have you think you need to be aiming for those highs all the time and when you get there do all within your powers to stay there. But life doesn’t work that way. Life is like gravity – what goes up must come down. A bit like climbing a mountain. It’s not a straight line bottom to top. Along the way up or down there will be places where you can rest and reflect, places where the going is a little easier and more level.
When life evens out and becomes uneventful, realise that such a time is to be expected. Use it as the boon that is is. It’s okay that nothing is happening. It’s actually an oasis that has come along on your Journey of Success to allow you to rest and prepare for the next part of your journey (be it up or down).
My past week has been pretty uneventful (at least to me), however, there have been a few nuggets of timely wisdom I’ve picked up. See below. Perhaps one or more will help you between your ups and downs on your Journey of Success?
1. Complement others rather than conflict with them.
2. Form harmony rather than force unity.
3. Attitude is contagious…so spread a healthy one.
4. Don’t let others decide how you are going to act; treat everyone with dignity and respect.
5. You are always tempted in your weakest area.
6. To add more value to others, increase your own value.
7. Your performance reflects the expectations of those you respect.
8.You cannot help everybody but you can help somebody.
9. Master yourself, master your life.
10. Your toughest competition is you.
11. Don’t assume, ask.
12. Let your enemies bring out the best in you, not the worst.
13. Ease is a greater threat to your progress than hardship. Bob Gass
14. The one thing that works when you are uncertain about your future; obey God.
15. Everyone matters.
16. The greater the assignment, the greater the sacrifice.
17. Real growth starts once you leave your comfort zone.
18. Before you can go, you have to grow.
19. Your life story is written in risks – those you take and those you avoid.
Please add your own insights and comments below.
God bless &


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May 8, 2016

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