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Control Your Outcome

by Richard Norris on May 1, 2016


Know Your Outcome

Successful people focus on outcomes.

I am always surprised by the number of people I come across in work and life who seem to meander through life frustrated through their lack of success. They are not achieving their dreams and aspirations. A key reason, I discover, without exception, is that they do not have an outcome in mind when they start. No outcome means you can end up anywhere – often nowhere near where you want to be.

And I’m not just talking about big outcomes.

Big outcomes are made of of little ones. No Olympic athlete or successful entrepreneur or star student gets to the top without setting and achieving hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller outcomes along the way. They understand that each big outcome relies on the success of all the smaller outcomes that lead up to it. They know they must be their best and do their best to control their outcome – each time.

I’m sure when you think about it, there have been times in your life when you achieved something you really wanted because you had an outcome in mind and were committed to it. What you focused on you brought on.

You were driven.

You wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Your ‘why’ was strong so the how became so much easier.

However, if you’re like me, there have equally been times when you have not acheived what you wanted.


Sadly, some people can be inconsistent when it comes to setting and controlling their outcomes. And that makes for a very staggered life. They have many ups and downs – up when they have an outcome in mind and down when they don’t.

Sound familiar?

The more you can control the odds, the more the outcome is in your favour. The greater your clarity and commitment to your outcome, the more in control you will be of the result.

When I’m coaching – be it swimmers or clients – I always make sure they understand their KYs:

Know Your Outcome – what you ultimately want to get. Be it just a goal for the day or for a lifetime, I do this for meetings, phone calls, workouts etc.

Know Your Self – your strengths, values, purpose, limitations etc. The better you know yourself, the better you know what you are capable of.

Know Your Stuff – to the best of your ability, what skills, talents, experience, and knowledge need to be applied. Maximise your resources to maximise your results.

Understanding and establishing your KYs helps you to understand your route ahead and where you need to adjust and/or seek help to control and ultimately achieve your outcome.

The more you know your outcome, the better you can control your outcome.

To help you with your outcomes, I have added below the key insights I’ve achieved over the past week. One or more may just help you clarify or control your outcomes…

1. Assume responsibility – complete your assignments.
2. Honour others and inspire them to act.
3. Show patience. Be considerate. Be kind.
4. Think of others rather than be consumed by your own agenda.
5. There is never a justification for being rude.
6. Stop waiting for perfect conditions; use your conditions to perfect yourself.
7. Keep your emotions and behaviour in check.
8. Your attitude and approach determine your results.
9. You don’t choose your competitors, your customer does.
10. Control the outcome; it’s on you – it always has been.
11. Delegate your weakness.
12. Focus sharpens leadership.
13. Every moment is a teaching opportunity.
14. Focus on your responsibility rather than your rights.
15. When you do your part, God will do His.
16. Life gets better by change not chance.
17. Focusing on the little things gets the big things done.
18. Encouragement is always appreciated.
19. Give people something to live up to – encourage them.

God bless &



Hard Work Pays Off

by Richard Norris on April 24, 2016

Honest work-150x150
Hard Work Pays Off
Hard work pays off. It may not happen immediately, but it will happen. Often, it is the constant application of attitude and belief added to the mix that results in the pay off of hard work.
I witnessed this first hand this past week. That swimmer I mentioned that I have the privilege and honor to help coach realized his dream this week. His name is Stephen Milne. He was named to the British Olympic team for Rio this summer. Everyone agrees, he has earned this. He deserves this. All his hard work has paid off. You could see the reward on His face!
4+ years of hard work paid off for Stephen. Over that time he has swum countless hours and miles. Over that time he has faced injury. Over that time he has made numerous sacrifices. Over that time he’s had to focus on the little things on a daily basis – the little things that, when added together, make a big difference.
Many people often ignore the little things on their Journey of Success and then wonder why they never quite make it. But it’s often the hard work on the little things that most people don’t notice nor realize as important.
So often people are looking for an “edge” (read shortcut). In this day and age, many want success but are not willing to pay the price. They will, however, often pay heavily for the “get-rich-quick” schemes they invest in. Been there, done that and been burned (more than once). Some try and cheat on the exam. Some do what they can to bend or work around the rules. But shortcuts rarely, if ever, pay. They cost!
If you want to succeed, you will have to work hard. Ask Richard Branson. Ask Kobe Bryant. Ask Bill Gates. Ask JK Rowling. Ask anyone you respect who is a success.
A recipe doesn’t just happen. You need the right ingredients and you need to work them together in the right way to get the intended result.
Success will never just happen. But it requires work – hard work. It may take longer than you think. It may take more effort than you realized. But it will be worth it. Always.
Hard work pays off. Remember that.
Your Journey of Success requires you to work hard. To make your work pay off sooner than later, make sure to learn your lessons along the way the first time around. That said, here are the insights I’ve gleaned this week on my own journey.
1. Every time you choose character, you become stronger.
2. Profanity is not a slip of the tongue but a slip of the heart.
3. The sooner you focus on serving, the happier you will be.
4. Selflessness leads to happiness.
5. The most meaningful activities within families are often those that focus on that which is personal and spontaneous.
6. If you’re too busy for your family, you’re too busy.
7. Decide what matters most and start measuring it.
8. Measure. Compare. Evaluate. Fine tune.
9. Having a vision dispels dissatisfaction and discouragement.
10. Sit, relax and wait patiently for the answer. Winnie the Pooh.
11. When you mess up, make up and build up.
12. Act upon wisdom, nothing less.
13. A true friend stays with you through thick and thin – not because they want to but because they want you to.
14. Be direct with respect.
15. God won’t bless complainers.
16. Complain only to God because He is the One who can do something about it. (See Psalm 142:2)
17. The world deserves your best and nothing less.
18. You deserve your best and nothing less.
19. If you don’t have to work hard for something, it’ won’t have much value.
20. You can make a difference.
21. Stay teachable.
22. Ability is God’s gift to you; character is your gift to Him.
23. Speak only of the good you know of someone.
May these help you on your journey to work harder and smarter.
God bless &


Rest And Be Thankful

April 17, 2016

Rest And Be Thankful It’s been an interesting week. Since October I’ve been pounding my body since I discovered Crossfit. I enjoy it – the sweat, the strain and the success. However, It takes its toll. My body was starting to rebel. As the kids have been off school for a term break, I decided […]

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