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Think Better And You’ll Do Better

by Richard Norris on July 24, 2016

Brainy Man

Think Better And You’ll Do Better

Ever get in one of those spirals of thinking you’re not good enough, never get better? Or that what you are aiming for is just too hard?

I do. I had one of those this week. The trouble with such stinking thinking is that it pollutes your greatness. It never helps your situation. Never!

The sooner you can get out of that spiral of thinking, the better.

Negative self-talk is like having your parking brake on whilst trying to drive. You won’t get far fast and you have to work all the harder to get to where you want to go all the while doing some irreparable damage to your car.

Each of us, every day, is travelling along on our own Journey of Success. Guaranteed that journey is never in a straight line, never without traffic, never without difficulties, problems and challenges.

The real question is, how do you handle these on your journey?

For years, when these things happened to me, my default was to go into the “Why me?” line of thinking. But, as I’m sure you know, that line of thinking is never positive and helpful.

Such thinking always dragged me down and made me feel even worse. The sad thing is I tended to have a morbid desire to stay in that mire of negative thinking. And all I did was think. In circles. I didn’t act.

And you know what? Such thinking is contagious and magnetic. It poisons those nearby and attracts people of similar thinking.

Let’s be honest, how may of us like hanging out with negative people? The clear answer is none. When we come against negative people, we do our best to get out of their company as fast as we can. Yet, when we are the negative person, we cannot get away from ourselves.

So what should we do?

Note…only you can willingly change you. so…it’s gonna take some work.

I noted my son, Jensen, has a habit of negative self-talk if something doesn’t come easy to him.

Now with the benefit of wisdom, I am working with him to tranform his negative problem-focused thinking to positive, solution-focused thinking. As with all habits, replacing it with a better one will take time and practice. It’s a work in progress. One well worth undertaking.

The underlying lesson here, of which I was reminded of again this week, is…

If you want to do better, you must first start by thinking better.

Think first then do. To change your life, you must begin by changing your thinking.

So…wherever you are right now, check your thinking if you want to move better along your Journey of Success. To help you along your way, here’s the insights I’ve gained this week that have got me to thinking differently. Perhaps one or more an help you too:

1. Fear complacency.
2. The truth may hurts at times, but that’s so it can heal.
3. Be a trustworthy mirror and reflect the truth back at others.
4. The person who tells you the truth is your real friend.
5. Invest your energy into enlarging people’s strengths.
6. To make your habits stick, make it easy to follow through.
7. Brokenness produces character.
8. Influence is earned.
9. Live to higher standard.
10. Stop waiting for things to happen; make them happen.
11. You’re waiting for something that is not going to happen – the perfect time.
12. Get in the habit of starting.
13. Make your goals your own not someone else’s.
14. Pray with the right motives.
15. The simplest solution is usually the correct one.
16. When you make a commitment you create hope; when you keep a commitment you create trust.
17. The thoughts you have are what you believe, and what you believe you do.
18. To start doing better, start thinking better.
19. Just one more rep…
20. Self-talk – if nobody else would say it to you, don’t say it either.
21. Anger just robs you of joy.
22. It’s impossible to beat someone who loves the process of success.
23. Do an extra 5%.

May these help you on your Journey of Success.

God bless &


Less Is More

by Richard Norris on July 17, 2016

On a Diet

Less Is More

I am a very driven person, very intense and, as a result, get stuff done fast.

When I see something wrong, I want to fix it then and there no matter what. Often, at such times, it’s not an easy fix. There are numerous things that need to happen to make things right. My challenge has always been not to try and do it all at once.

Sound familiar?

When I ran my business coaching franchise, in the early days during a coaching session, I would overload my clients with way too much information and action steps. Small wonder many a client got frustrated by a lack of progress (but then an overwhelmed mind says, ‘No’). I could see what needed doing and assumed they could too or, if not, I assumed they worked like I did. The ones who made the most progress tended to be just like me.

But life is not one size fits all.

It took me a few years to learn that. Even now I have to relearn that pearl of wisdom, particularly when I am coaching swimmers – young and old. I can see their potential and, having been a competitive swimmer, know what needs to happen to make things right. As a result, I can give them too much to work on at any one time. Small wonder they did not make much progress.

Well that used to be me. For the most part, I’ve come to my senses. I’ve learned.

But less is more.

When you’re busy, for you to change and grow, often the best approach is to focus on just one thing – the next thing that will help you make progress. This helps with focus.

You cannot put all the pieces of that item from IKEA together at the same time. It has to be built piece by piece.

Focusing on one thing means you give it laser-like attention. And what you focus on you bring on. To focus on many things, spreads your energy, like a shotgun, making it less effective.

As I’ve learned, the sooner you focus on less, the more you will get done.

If you want to get more done, do less.

If want more results, do less.

If you want more success, do less.

It may be a paradox, but from a heap of experience of doing things the wrong way, many times less creates more and more creates less.

So, I’ve now said more than enough. Below are the key insights I’ve gleaned over the past week. Perhaps something below will help you to be and/or do less so that you can be and do more:

1. Don’t stay where you’re tolerated; go where you’re appreciated.
2. Don’t waste your time on people who don’t want to be helped.
3. The safest place on earth is the centre of God’s will.
4. Know what to conceal and what to reveal.
5. Question your doubts not your faith…Believe!
6. Relate to others not isolate from them.
7. Fall asleep and wake up grateful.
8. Always err on the side of mercy.
9. Be gracious to those who irk you.
10. People who irritate you usually have something to show you about yourself.
11. You may be your difficult person’s difficult person.
12. You cannot rise above the limitations of your character.
13. No great leader fights to prevent change.
14. Having a vision is not enough; you must commit to act on it.
15. Discern before deciding; analyse before acting.
16. You are closer to a breakthrough than you realise – keep digging.
17. Give yourself permission to #BEGREATER.
18. Stop apologising for your goals.
19. Master the process and enjoy the experience.
20. Control only what you can and let go the rest.
21. Celebrate the little daily wins.
22. Make your goals effort and consistency.
23. If what you’re pursuing in life does not come from the depths of who you are and what you believe, you will not be able to accomplish it. John Maxwell.
24. Don’t let your vision be confined by your own limited capablities. John Maxwell

God bless &



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July 10, 2016

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