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Stop Wasting Your Time!

by Richard Norris on August 28, 2016

Do It Now - If not now when
Honesty time.
How many of you have wasted time? Today? The past week? Past month?
I’m sure you’re nodding your head.
I am.
Now for an even tougher question…
How many of you have been wasting time in your career? More specifically, in the wrong career?
I have.
Now for, perhaps the toughest question…
Who has had the guts to change careers, willing to jump into the unknown abyss, and seek out or follow their dream, their true passion and make a life out of it?
I have.
It took me 37 of my years to realize I was in the wrong career. When I did I left it. I turned my back on 12 years as a veterinarian. My wife gave me her 100% support. She said I was miserable. She said I needed to find and do what I was truly passionate about. I needed to find my calling, my purpose.
In some ways you may think I wasted years of my time, money and other resources to pursue what I thought was right. But, a bit like Edison discovering the lightbulb and all the “failed experiments” along the way, I simply learned (albeit slowly) what did not work for me.
Since 2000, I’ve invested my time learning where my true purpose lies. I am a firm believer that each of us, in our uniqueness, has a purpose that is made for us. It suits our particular set of skills, knowledge, experience and giftings.
My journey has not been easy and, whilst it has taken longer than I thought (a recurring pattern in my life), it has been worth it. I’ve grown loads. I’ve clarified what I like and what I don’t like; what I’m gifted at and what I’m not. I’ve invested my time and resources more strategically where I can add the most value, where my soul sings.
Perhaps it comes as no surprise, but my purpose (and very likely yours) is rooted in my values. I value family, fitness and excellence.
Where am I now?
I am helping transform the lives of kids, adults and their families through fitness.
I am for the most part a stay-at-home-dad.
I am a swim coach.
And…I am loving it.
When I decided to stop wasting my time and my life doing what made me miserable, was the day I truly began to live.
No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to start afresh and start living your passion with passion.
If this message has hit home, I challenge you to stop wasting your time!
To give you a little help, here’s the insights that serendipitously came to my attention this week. Perhaps one or more will help you on your own Journey of Success.
1. There are no hopeless situations just hopeless people.
2. Many endeavours in life fail for one reason – broken focus – allowing ourselves to be distracted.
3. Focus on what you’re learning not losing.
4. If you’re not doing what you love, you’re wasting your time.
5. You can drop out, cop out, hold out or go all out.
6. Hand your situation over to God and refuse to take it back.
7. Occupy your thoughts with ways to be helpful.
8. Everything that happens can energise you; let it.
9. Never let anyone tell you that something cannot be done.
10. Instead of judging people, love them.
11. Respect and accept others with loving grace as they are, inspiring them to a higher standard.
12. Work, get paid; don’t work, don’t get paid. Simple.
13. Know who you are and face your flaws.
14. Reach your potential tomorrow by growing today.
15. With God, something is always happening.
16. Your vision is meant to outlive you.
17. Make your activity an achievement.
18. Be strengthened before temptation comes.
19. For victory, lean less on yourself and more on God.
God bless &


On Guard!

by Richard Norris on August 21, 2016

Young man has some dangerous hobby
When I was growing up as a kid, life was full of freedom. On weekends, holidays and after school, if there was no homework, I was outside playing with friends…hours on end. Often, not an adult in sight.
That was then.
Nowadays, not a chance!
I don’t have to really tell you our world has changed…and much of it not for the better. The world seems more full of pitfalls, tripwires and outright dangers. And sadly, they are mostly of mankind’s making.
As a parent of two young children, I am forever on my guard for them. My protective nature is always prevalent. I am constantly scanning the horizon – whether on a street, in a store, or on-line. I’m assessing for risks and threats to my safety and that of my wife and children especially.
Anyone who has served in the armed forces knows that it’s always best to be on your guard and watch for threats. On any barrack, outpost or position, there will be those tasked to solely to be the eyes and ears and be watchful for any threat. Equally, all service men and women know that a guarded location is harder to win than an unguarded one.
I am head of my homeland security and I take that role very seriously. I’ve put safeguards in place that will deter those with ill-intent to think twice or that will warn us of impending danger. That said, I am realistic. I cannot protect my family or myself from everything or everyone…despite my best efforts and following the leading advice on personal safety and security.
For example:
*I’ve had my identity stolen…twice.
*Had my money and cards stolen once.
*Lost my son in a store once (fortunately he was smart enough to seek out a member of staff for help).
*Had a head on collision.
*We have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors installed in our home.
*Been ripped-off by unscrupulous people.
*Been unemployed 3 times.
When your safety and security is breached, it is often very uncomfortable, worrying and, yes, frightening.
You may be able to plan, prepare, protect and assess for dangers and risks, but you’re never fully protected.
However, you can take precautions. Each of us has different circumstances, so your precautions are likely different and of different priority than mine or anyone else’s.
Here’s a few of my precautions:
*I start by praying for God to protect my family and me at the start of the day…and at the end of the day.
*I change passwords regularly (admittedly, because I often forget where I may have written them down).
*I junk a lot of email unopened.
*I drive within the limits of the law.
*I exercises regularly.
*I do not divulge very personal information of public forums.
*I keep my kids always in my line of sight when we are out.
*As a family, we all wear helmets when cycling.
*We lock our doors when we leave the house or our car.
*I watch what I say, how I say it and to whom.
*I guard my thoughts, doing my best to keep them positive and pure.
All of these are modern day examples of being on guard. However, just as no one is sinless, no one is completely protected from the world. In short, no one is perfect.
It is crucial that we take ownership of our lives and the protection of those who matter most. So…Guard your thoughts. Guard your hearts. Guard your marriage. Guard your family. Guard your career. Guard those who matter most. But, make sure you don’t try to do it all yourself. Do what you can and entrust the rest to God. He’s got your back, your front and your sides. And as I’ve learned, He only allows through what will grow you to #BEGREATER.
Wisdom can be an effective guard in today’s world. Here is some of the wisdom I’ve saved along my Journey of Success this past week:
1. You can’t steer a ship that isn’t moving forward.
2. Momentum makes change possible.
3. To reach your potential create an environment of growth.
4. Always answer softly.
5. Speak life.
6. Satan never takes a day off so always be on your guard.
7. Your greatest weakness is the one in which you will constantly be attacked.
8. Fear not.
9. Fear makes us doubt God’s care.
10. Fear makes us reach for control.
11. Fear comes from a perceived loss of control.
12. The more insecure you are, the more controlling you become.
13. God’s wonders are seen in life’s storms.
14. Trust God more.
15. Make every practice a focused practice.
16.Be a fountain not a drain.
17. Train the habit of faith.
18. Use it or lose it.
19. Believe in what you say, then live what you say.
20. Peace lies in acceptance not resignation.
21. The most important thing you can do every day is renew your mind with God’s Word.
22. You cannot enter tomorrow if you’re still carrying the baggage of yesterday.
23. When you master practice, you master everything else. Olivier Leroy
24. Faith doesn’t eliminate fear; it silences it, robs it of its power and draws us closer to God. Bob Gass
Now go forth on guard.
God bless &


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