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Make No Mistake

by Richard Norris on January 15, 2017

Mistakes equal Tring
Make No Mistake
Everyone makes mistakes. No one is exempt.
The key is to not repeat the same one but learn from it and move on.
Our kids, Dreanna and Jensen, are learning about ‘growth mindset’ at school. Each day they come home singing the ‘growth mindset song’ (please don’t ask me to recite it as I’m not gifted that way) and expound about the latest lesson.
What puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart is that both of them get it.
My wife and I have been teaching them this mindset since the day they were born – by example and by objects lessons. It’s funny how it takes someone else to confirm and affirm it despite your own efforts.
Now that they have a language around this, I have been seizing the opportunities all around them and me to reinforce the lessons.
Making a mistake is always a fork in the road along your Journey of Success. You can choose to learn the lesson that comes with every mistake or you can choose to ignore or miss the lesson and risk it happening again.
Making a mistake is okay. You are human after all.
If you’re a parent, you have made and will make a mistake…
If you’re married, you have and will make a mistake….
If you’re an entrepreneur, you have and will make a mistake…
If you’re a politician, you have and will make a mistake…
If you’re a coach, you have and will make a mistake…
Etc, etc, etc…
But, as I was taught years ago, no matter who you are, you’re either growing or you’re dying. You grow when you make a mistake and learn from it. You die when you choose to stop learning.
Learning from a mistake helps you to thrive. Not learning, hinders your life potential.
I’m sure I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes. Many of them repeated.
Most of the time it was because I was stubborn. I had to figure things out on my own. I didn’t want or ask for help – even when that help could save my the ‘cost’ of making a mistake.
Whilst I still make mistakes (thankfully, significantly fewer per day), I approach them now with curiosity and expectation that there is gold to be found – gold that will add to the wealth of my life and to the lives of those who I am blessed to serve.
Not a day goes by when I do not regret a mistake I have made, however, now I embrace the opportunity to grow from each one. And you can too!
Listed below are some of the gold nuggets I’ve discovered over the past week. I pray that by sharing them with you, you will learn from my mistakes, make a few less yourself and embrace the next one you make:
1. Be a servant not a star.
2. Kneel; don’t strut.
3. Attract, believe, choose and develop leaders.
4. Glorify God not yourself.
5. You cannot coerce intimacy.
6. Separate discipline from punishment.
7. Seek to make every situation better for everyone.
8. Your vision must stop you, send you, strengthen you, stretch you and satisfy you.
9. When you’re finished learning, you’re finished.
10. Be teachable.
11. Getting your butt kicked can be the best thing to happen to you.
12. Failure shows you that what you’re doing isn’t working.
13. The only currency God trades in is faith.
14. Expect God to answer your prayers.
15. Selfishness is the enemy of every marriage.
16. Your identity comes from who you are; your image from what you do.
17. Don’t fit in – stand out!
18. Praise effort; reward performance.
19. If you want to learn something, fail.
20. True love is about them, not you. Mark Merrill
21. Don’t cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it. Olivier Leroy
God bless &


What’s New?

by Richard Norris on January 8, 2017

What’s New?
A new year.
A new week.
A new day.
A new _______.
No matter what’s new in your life (and there will be something), it presents a new opportunity.
Each day is an opportunity to be and do better than yesterday.
Each week is an opportunity to be and do better than last week.
Each year is an opportunity to be and do better than last year.
Each opportunity is a foundation to build on what has gone before. Even if you erred or failed in or with a previous opportunity, there are lessons to be learned which you can use with your next opportunity to progress your own development and success.
But just because opportunity knocks, do you open the door?
This is a question I have ignored in times past. But is a question worth considering.
So what door is presenting itself to you right now?
A new career?
A new relationship?
A new lease on life?
Just before Christmas a timely opportunity came across my path on my own Journey of Success. I wasn’t really looking for it, although I had been hoping for something like it. So I’ve knocked on it, am testing it and it appears to be open for now. So I am progressing carefully, prayerfully and hopefully.
Now let me ask you, do you walk through every door that opens?
In the past I have and that has led to many a disappointment along with wasted time, energy and resources.
Just because a door is open, doesn’t mean you walk through it.
It has taken me years to learn to question each opportunity against my values, my purpose and my identity. It may look good on the surface, but will it help me become more of who I am meant to be?
That’s a key question to ask yourself with each new opportunity.
Another question I prayerfully ask is, “Do I have peace about this?”
If I do, I continue going forward. If I don’t, I don’t…no matter how good things look initially.
Take it from me. I have ignored the warning signs at various points of my timeline. I have ignored what the Lord was saying. I have paid the price of ignorance – painful and costly lessons.
One core lesson I have learned is that when something new comes along, when that new opportunity shows up, I pray firstly that if it is mean to be, the way will be clear, and if not, the Lord will shut that door very quickly.
No matter what’s new please proceed with wisdom.
Speaking of wisdom, here below the wisdom I came across this past week. All in all, good stuff to start off the new year.
1. Love first and you’ll get seconds.
2. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
3. Times of testing are opportunities for God to develop you.
4. You cannot be stressed and thankful at the same time.
5. Don’t be disappointed about where you are; be optimistic about where you’re going.
6. Everything happens for a reason and good things come from challenging experiences.
7. Invest in the present.
8. Live with energy, enthusiasm and empathy.
9. Do less; live more.
10. Laughter breeds resilience.
11. Know your gifts; recognise your limitations.
12. Allow God to work on you and in you.
13. Identify the desires God put in you.
14. Make knowing God your #1 priority.
15. God provides for you one day at a time.
16. Just relax and let God be God in your life.
17. Focus is about saying, “No”.
18. 80% of your results comes from 20% of your actions.
19. Practice intelligently.
20. Testing times are times of spiritual training.
21. Trouble is training.
22. Failure is delay not defeat.
23. What you can’t do, delegate.
24. The opportunity of a lifetime has to be taken in the lifetime of the opportunity. Unknown
God bless &



January 1, 2017

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