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You Cannot Do Better Than Your Best

by Richard Norris on January 31, 2016

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You Cannot Do Better Than Your Best

This past week has been a busy one – more form all the learning I’ve been having. You’ll notice this when you read through the insights I’ve added below.

Not a week goes by when I don’t learn something. I’m sure the same goes for you. You learn new ways of being and doing things. You learn who not to be and what not to be.

I had a one particular failing this week due. I reacted rather than responded to my situation. I allowed myself to feel rushed, to get frustrated and, yes, to get angry. It was not pretty. Fortunately, no one was around to see me, but I’m sure a few people heard me.

Why do I share this? Because no one is perfect. Because we all make mistakes. However, we cannot get wrapped up in guilt or the emotion or continue to beat ourselves up (sound familiar?). We need to learn and let go.

The key message I gleaned this past week is that no matter what happens, you cannot do better than your best at any given point in time.

I shared this nugget with some of the girls I coach swimming. They have a tendency to get really anxious, struggle with confidence and tend to put too much pressure on themselves before, during and after a race. One girl seemed to get the message. She smiled and shared she felt inspired.

My hope and prayer is that this truth (and some or all of those listed below) helps you too get a better perspective on your own Journey of Success.

1. Great leaders understand people, love people and help people.
2. Stop living for yourself.
3. Security is the foundation of strong leadership.
4. Seek to sense God’s smile of love and approval.
5. When you feel like giving up…do the work!
6. Everything in life will pass.
7. Work out what you can control and what you cannot.
8. Change!
9. Life is unfair. Accept it. Plan for it. Move on!
10. Start with where you are and what you have and then move forward.
11. Stresses are nearly always related to the way you perceive the situation and the beliefs that you are holding.
12. You are the solution to your problem.
13. You are often the source of your own misery.
14. Friendly people make friends.
15. Ask “How?” not “Why?”
16. Let go of what’s worthless in your life.
17. Leaders help every person find his or her place.
18. Discover the hidden, encourage the uncertain, develop the untrained and empower the powerless.
19. Your highest goal in prayer shoulld be intimacy with God.
20. As long as you do your best, you cannot fail to be successful.
21. Success can be attainment, effort or both.
22. Success is not always black and white. Sometimes, it’s the shades in between.
23. Effective leaders listen to and respect the opinion of others.
24. Every relationship deserves love, honour and respect.
25. Feelings are useful at times as a guide to help us, but they’re not useful to build plans on.
26. Success has to be worth the price you have to pay for it.
27. Personal excellence is always achievable.
28. Guilt, blame and regret can be tools of self-pity to use so you don’t have to get on in life.
29. Right motives are more important than right move.
30. Motivation requires emotion; success requires commitment.
31. Remember…partial success is better than no success.
32. Think about your behaviour before someone else’s.
33. The best marriage brings out the best in each other.
34. Give yourself some good advice…you know yourself best.
35. See farther than others see, more than others see and before others see.
36. Empower before you expect. Give before you demand.
37. You cannot do better than your best.
38. Reward effort before achievement.
39. Doing your best is different than achieving your best.
40. Making mistakes is normal.
41. Even when a child is wayward a parent’s love can restore them.

Please feel free to share your own insights and comments.

Until next time…

God bless &



Under Control

by Richard Norris on January 24, 2016

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Under Control

This past week I’ve been working on my self-awareness and self-control. Particularly, I’ve been attentive to when I react emotionally when I should respond rationally. Just by putting my reactions in the cross-hairs has allowed me to confront, confound, check and counter situations where I would normally allow my emotions to run unfettered.

A couple of examples…

Rather than get angry with a disobedient child, I’ve sat them down and sought to understand where the disobedience was coming from. I had to listen to understand. From there, I could help them to pray about it and agree that we will work on it together.

Rather than worry about our finances when unexpected costs happened, I’ve been able to focus on the solution rather than the problem.

I can report that progress has been made and I feel the better for it (and those involved seem more relaxed and happy too). Sure there is a long way to go, but that’s okay. My Journey of Success and yours is a journey of progress. Sure it may not always go the way you want – you slow down, hit detours or have to pull off at times – but then that would be too easy and you wouldn’t grow.

Life is about growth. If you are not growing, you’ll never thrive. This past week, I’ve had my usual mix of insights and learnings. As per usual, it’s time to share. My hope is that one, some or all will help you grow along your own Journey of Success.

1. You don’t need easy; you need possible.
2. Some people see the price of everything, but the value of nothing.
3. Make it your goal to raise your kids to pick up the legacy of your faith and carry it further than you did.
4. You are tougher than you realize.
5. When you master the process, you master the results.
6. Crush the fundamentals!
7. Surround yourself with those doing it right.
8. Never promise what you can’t deliver.
9. Anxiety typically occurs when you won’t or can’t make a decision.
10. Love grows resilience.
11. Much of your frustration comes from misplaced confidence.
12. You must believe that God wants you to succeed.
13. God can only do through you what you believe in Him for.
14. If you don’t believe in yourself, you don’t believe in God.
15. Don’t look back; it’s not the way you’re headed.
16. The great find a way to make adversity work for them.
17. Find a positive in every experience – especially the bad.
18. Giving destroys greed.
19. On your Journey of Success make sure to take your family with you.
20. Anger is the result of unmet expectations.
21. Make sure you have changed all that can be changed.
22. Building a bridge means you do all the work.
23. Remember…some people are uncooperative no matter what you do.
24. Make your decisions based on your purpose.
25. Look for things for which to be grateful…there is always something.
26. You thrive when you have a purpose – be it short-term or long-term.
27. Be wary of putting rules before relationship.

Please feel free to comment or add your own.



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