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What Are You Waiting For?

by Richard Norris on November 30, 2015

Dog Waiting For Walk

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re alive, you will spend a lot of time waiting. But sometimes, you must stop waiting and get into action. The sooner you stop waiting, sometimes, the sooner what you’re waiting for happens.

Some things you have to wait for. The bus. Your flight. The waiter. The kettle to boil. The traffic light to turn green.

Some things you just can’t hurry. A line-up at the bank. A traffic jam. Your kids growing up.

Some things we have to wait for with resignation. Some things we wait for with impatience. Perhaps fewer things we wait for with impatience. Still, there are some  we wait for with expectation.

Right now, what are you waiting for?

Whether it’s a raise, a new job, success, a better life etc., for some things, waiting is not enough. You and me have spent a lot of our lives waiting so far. But we shouldn’t spend any more time waiting than we have to. Sometimes, you have to get moving. Waiting is not a passive, but an active process.

If you’ve ever owned a dog or seen a dog when it is waiting to go for a walk or for it’s dinner or for it’s owner to come home, you get the idea of expectant waiting. There is pent up excitement. They can barely contain themselves. When the moment comes where expectation meets realization, they go into action. All that said, before they go into action / receive their reward they make sure they’re in the right place at the right time.

Whilst there are some things you must wait for, there are others that you must stop waiting for and go make them happen. The right time won’t happen unless you’re in the right place, and you won’t be in the right place unless it’s the right time.

You may be waiting for your ship to come in, but it may be heading to a different port. In which case, you’ll miss your boat.

You may be waiting for everything to be perfect, for your situation to change and/or to have ALL the details before you move. But things will rarely, if ever, be perfect. Any real change begins with you. You will never have ALL the information. Such waiting will lead to you missing opportunities. There have been times when I got so good at waiting, I missed God’s opportunities. Sound familiar?

When you are seeking an outcome, a goal or success, you will know by experience and observation that you must move in its direction if you hope to even get close to your achievement. Usain Bolt will never win gold if he doesn’t get out of the blocks. Drew Brees will never complete a pass unless he throws the ball.

You will always miss what you don’t take a shot at.

When you think about it, waiting requires a lot of faith. Because along with it, there are a lot of variables outside of your control. The right person. The right time. The right opportunity. The right place. Etc. The greater the number of variables, the less likely it will all work out in your favor.  The odds are that you will likely be waiting a long time.

Faith is a verb; it requires action. Some times, we won’t get what we’re waiting for unless we first move in it’s direction. That’s a lesson it has taken years for me to learn. God has been patient with me. Finally, I learned  – faith without action is fruitless. In my past, there has been many a time I had been waiting for something to happen before I would move. The result was nothing happened as I had hoped or expected. Well, actually, the result was my disappointment (and likely God’s too).

If you’re waiting and God is waiting, that’s called stalemate. No one wins. God wants you to win. If you want your situation to change, you must change. Change requires action. Change your thoughts. Change your attitude. Change your perspective. Change your environment. Change something positively.

You must first step into the ring for you to win the prize. Your circumstances likely will not change if you’re expecting God and/or someone else to move first.

So, consider your answer to the question I posted above…What if you changed and stopped waiting? What if you started being and doing whatever it takes to move in the direction you desire to go?

Ask any successful person and they will likely confirm that you cannot wait for your big break; you have to make it. Whether it’s a little or a large movement doesn’t matter. What’s important is to move. And to move with intention, expectation and faith. Intention that you will make progress. Expectation that you will get results. Faith that it will all work out. Once you move, you get helpful feedback. Once you move, you are purposefully directing your energy, focus and resources. God sees your faith in action…and God always rewards faith.

Here’s something else pertaining to why things may not be happening for you right now. Consider this question I read the other day, “What’s God waiting for you to get into place?” I found it a confronting and discomforting question. It put the ownership of my situation squarely in my lap. It showed me that I am 100% responsible for my situation and 100% responsible for where I end up. I recommend you ask yourself and God that question. When you do, make sure to act on the answer.

Considering that question, perhaps nothing is happening because you are not suitably ready for it? As there are a few things I’ve been waiting for in my life, I realized, I had better ask God for His perspective if I was to be in the right place at the right time. He showed me I needed to change my perspective, have more faith and to take some specific actions. Thankfully, now I believe I’m heading more clearly and purposefully in the right direction for me.

Often when you stop waiting and start moving in faith, only then will God move. He’ll move in your direction and/or to make things right to make the right things happen. So right now if you are waiting for something to happen, have faith and get moving.

If you’re simply waiting, you could be waiting for a long time. Figure out who you are supposed to be and where then do everything you can to be that person and move there. When you do all you can do, God will do all He can do. When you do that, what you’re waiting for will show up sooner rather than later or never.

Your Powerplay

Stop waiting for your situation to change. Be the agent of it’s change – move in the direction you desire.



Prayer Works So Work Prayer

by Richard Norris on November 26, 2015

Man's Hands on Bible - Truth

Prayer Works So Work Prayer

When you know what to do and, especially, when you don’t, prayer is often a good place to start and finish. Prayer has a way of settling you down and clarifying your way forward.

The other day I was miserable. The weather was foul. My allergies kicked in. It happens every time the weather turns very autumnal. Weird. I went through more than 15 handkerchiefs. Needless to say, I felt awful. No surprise then that I was feeling blah. I starting to think negatively about various circumstances in my life. My self-belief was being battered…and it was self-inflicted! I felt myself slipping into a funk I did not want. I knew I had to do something.

My first counter-offensive was to watch a movie. It helped. I watched the Gridiron Gang. It’s a true story about one probation officer in California who turned a bunch of delinquents from hopelessness to hope by turning them into a football team. This officer challenged the players to count their blessings. They had a chance to make something with their lives. He did what so few, if any, had – he believed in them. When he showed that he believed in them, the players began to believe in themselves.

The movie got me thinking. It shifted my focus from me to my kids.

When you change your focus, it brings change.

I reminded myself of my role as a dad to believe in and encourage my kids. Even though I was in a place where I was believing I had not amounted to as much as I had so far hoped, I was reminded that I had to play out my part fully to make a difference in their lives.

I then got inspired. I began to pray.

What does it take for you to pray?

Often we leave prayer as a last resort when it should be the first one. Many people (and I include myself here) will wait until their circumstances get so dark and despairing before they realize they either haven’t prayed or that they’ll try prayer (thinking, ‘What have I got to lose?’)

I understand that not everyone believes in God. However, I do believe that no matter who or what you believe in, prayer helps. And does it not make sense to get help sooner rather than later?

Going back to my story…

I had some chores to do. So I made the most of the time. My chore time became my prayer time. And it went on for an hour or more. I prayed without ceasing. I started awkwardly, but once I got going, my prayer just flowed. I admit I started praying selfishly about my situation. However, it wasn’t long before I was praying for my wife and kids. This then led to me praying for the kids I coach swimming.

Because I’ve now been coaching for a while, I’ve got to know some of the kids and other coaches fairly well. I’ve come to know their circumstances, challenges etc. So my prayer went name by name, situation by situation, family by family and coach by coach. I was on a roll. My prayer was heart-felt. At times, I cried. At times, I smiled. At times, I was powerful. At times, I was humbled. And, as I prayed, I began to feel better. Whilst it was still stormy outside, the clouds were clearing from my darkened disposition.

My prayer time was a wonderful experience. I felt more connected to those for whom I prayed. My situation had not really changed, but my perspective had. The more I focused on the needs of others, the better I felt.

Once I had finished praying, I reflected on what had happened. Here’s what I learned or relearned:

The more you help others, the more you help yourself.

The more you pray, the easier it gets.

When you don’t know what to do, just start praying.

When you do know what to do, keep praying.

When you win, pray.

When you lose, pray.

Prayer is a great emotional laxative. It clears helps clean out your soul.

When you have questions, start with prayer.

When you have challenges, pray through them.

When you are happy, pray.

When you are sad, pray.

When you are afraid, pray.

No matter what state you are in, pray.

Prayer is good for the soul so open up.

The Bible tells us to “pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17). That doesn’t mean that you are praying 24/7 365. To me, it means to always in be a state of readiness to pray. When the need to pray comes upon you, keep praying until you feel you’ve shared all on your heart. Along the way, the Holy Spirit comes along and guides you in your prayer. He will lay people, situations and perspective on your heart.

Prayer is a heart-to-heart conversation with God. 

When you pray you must do it with an open heart. That way you can tune in to what God is saying. Prayer is meant to be a conversation not a monologue. As often happens with me, when you pray, you slowly shift from praying about what you want to what God wants. As I’ve learned, praying God’s will is far less struggle than praying yours.

God knows your needs, but often your needs aren’t met until you speak with Him. Often, you have to take that first step of faith, to pray, before God will move His hand to help.

God hears every one of your prayers. And He answers every one. Only, He doesn’t always answer them in the way you want or when you want. If He did, then you would just become spoiled. And few, if any, people like people who are spoiled. Being spoiled does no one any good. Thankfully, God knows better. He knows what’s best for you far more than you do.

Prayer always has a good outcome. Thanks to prayer, God will put other people in your life to share your burden, to help. Prayer will square your thinking and set aright your heart.

If you desire a greater life, desire prayer. Make it a discipline, a habit worth having. To make the most of prayer, you must decide to pray. When you do, prayer will bring more good into your life. And that is surely a good thing.

Your Powerplay

Make a list of those who matter most to you as well as the challenges you are facing. Now start praying through that list.



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