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Motivation Is An Inside Job

by Richard Norris on December 4, 2016

Success Routine
Motivation Is An Inside Job
There’s likely not a day when you don’t need some motivation – whether it’s to do something big and/or challenging or to do something small or something you simply don’t like or want to do.
Do you ever have times when you know you need motivation but you just don’t seem to get it?
You just don’t feel motivated.
There’s nothing in your tank.
You feel flat.
You feel nothing.
When that happens what do you do?
Do you dig down deep and get going on the task set before you?
Do you walk away saying, “Not now; I’m just not motivated?”
Do you make a half-baked effort that when things don’t go well, you make an excuse that you just weren’t motivated?
Hey, if you’re like me, you’ve done all of these at some time.
But why do we do this?
I was reminded this week that motivation is a feeling. That’s it. If we wait until we feel ready, feel pumped to do something, we may be waiting a while. That’s what we call procrastination.
Your motivation is yours and yours alone. No one else’s!
You cannot look outside yourself for motivation. I learned a few years ago that no one else can motivate me – not Usain Bolt, not Michael Phelps, not Tony Robbins and not Mr Motivator. Sure, they can inspire me but they cannot motivate me. Motivation is not something we source externally.
Motivation is an inside job.
Your motivation is your job.
But, perhaps like your day job, you don’t always feel like doing it or that you’re up to the job.
But know this. Stop looking around you for help; start looking within.
Here’s a few tips I’ve learned for when my motivation is low but I know I need it:
*Success breeds success. Look at where you have been motivated in the past. You’ve done it before; you can do it again.
*Mentally and emotionally put yourself in that situation. Re-experience it. Tap into it and redirect that energy into the new task before you.
*Getting started is the biggest barrier. Once you get past it, the motivation often comes. Just get started.
*Like eating an elephant, take one small bite at a time. Don’t look at the elephant; look at the small bite you can take.
*The more you press on, the more motivated you often become.
So, the next time you feel in need for some motivation, know that the answer is within you. You can do it. You have before and you can now and in the future.
Below are some insights from my week that may inspire you or remind you of your past successes:
1. Selfishness inclines people toward failure.
2. You cannot focus on yourself when you’re trying to help someone else.
3. Forgiveness is often a whole-life process.
4. Show up and offer encouragement.
5. Do what is right and good.
6. Obey, serve and prosper.
7. See others as treasures God cannot live without.
8. Vision gives the team direction and confidence.
9. You may doubt your own ability, but never doubt God’s.
10. Lead to accomplish as much as possible through the gift of others.
11. Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing.
12. Every experience in life is a classroom and every new acquaintance a teacher.
13. Never take others for granted and always say, “Thank you”.
14. Look for ways to make your presence an asset not a liability.
15. Honour your wife in everything you do.
16. Remember, motivation is a feeling.
17. Motivation often comes in the midst of where it’s needed.
18. Make starting the only goal each day.
19. Trying times are no time to quit trying.
20. Go to the very end – quit when it’s done not when you’re tired.
21. A fulfilling life can only be built on relationships and purpose.
22. The best preparation for tomorrow is the wise use of today.
23. Don’t accept your life; lead it.
24. If you feel uncomfortable telling someone about it, you shouldn’t be doing it.
25. Life owes you nothing except an opportunity to grow. Bob Gass
26. Motivation shows up when you do. Olivier Leroy
27. The secret of success is to be ready when the time comes. Benjamin Disraeli
28. When you operate on the edge of honesty, you invariably go over that edge. Bob Gass
God bless &


Tomorrow Never Comes

by Richard Norris on November 27, 2016

Retro alarm clock on a table. Photo in retro color image style

Tomorrow Never Comes
Tomorrow is always a day away. Likely, you’ve heard the song of that name or at least that line from the song on more than one occasion.
That song always make me smile and reminds me that tomorrow never comes. The message is loud and clear – live in and for today. There are no guarantees that you will get another day or another day like it. So…make the most of the day you have.
I know, I know – easier said than done.
Let’s be honest…
There are times when we think we have all the time in the world.
There are times when we think something will never happen to us.
There are times when we think we can get away with avoiding something hoping no one will notice or that the problem or responsibility will go away.
But procrastination has a way of compressing time and increasing our stress. Think about something you’ve been putting off recently (I know you have – whether it’s a big or little thing).
How many times have you put it off already?
How has that helped you?
Think for a moment. When you’ve put things off in the past, how many times did it end better than you could have hoped? My guess is less times (significantly less times) than it went well.
You may put off that diet.
You may put of that doctor’s appointment.
You may put off asking for help.
You may put off making that important call.
You may put off that presentation or that meeting.
No matter what you put off, in due time it will become an ogre that could well overwhelm you.
There is no promise of tomorrow. Keep your conscience clean and your task list manageable.
Whatever it is, get it done.
Whatever it is, make the most of it today.
The promise of tomorrow is deceiving. Tomorrow makes no promises. To get there you have to pave the way with who you are and what you do with today. Today is the result of yesterday’s tomorrows.
Why wait until tomorrow comes when you have all of today before you?
This is the day to be seized. Today may just hold the next piece you need to prepare your best for tomorrow. Perhaps what I share below may contain that piece or lead to that piece?
1. Your words matter: make everyone count.
2. There’s no failure until you give up.
3. Consult God on your plans.
4. Grow and thrive where you’re planted.
5. Learn from your mistakes, grow and create a legacy that outshines your heritage.
6. Appreciate others and bring out the best in them.
7. Tomorrow is not promised.
8. Start taking time off.
9. Believe in yourself.
10. Express your love – say it; show it.
11. Focus on the solution.
12. Act from character not emotions.
13. One of the best ways to keep your perspective on what’s truly important is to plan times of rest and relaxation. Bob Gass
14. Whatever you desire in your own life, you must first give to others. Bob Gass
God bless &


The Future In Mind

November 20, 2016

The Future In Mind It’s that time of year again. It’s time for me to make time and take time to focus on the coming year and commit to a period of prayer and fasting. Three or four years ago I felt adrift in my life in the run up to Christmas. I needed direction. […]

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