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The Flaw Of Perfection

by Richard Norris on June 26, 2016

diamond and stones

The Flaw Of Perfection

I thought I’d start out today with a little honesty – I’m not perfect. I never have been and I never will be.

I can be stingy. I can be cold. I can be intense. I can put task before people. I can be selfish. I can be focused on “what’s in it for me?”. These confessions are legacies of the old me that still crop up every now and then. In short, they’re not gone, they’re at best managed.

I’m not proud of who I was. However, I am working to be better, to #BEGREATER.

I’m guessing (likely very accurately) that you too are not perfect. I’m also guessing that some of my own confessions apply to you at times.

We cannot be all things to all people and neither can we be good all the time. We are human after all.

“…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” Romans 3:23

And that’s a good thing. Such admission lets us off the hook of trying to be perfect. Perfection is unrealistic. However, good is achievable.

For the first half of my life, my focus was on being perfect and you know what?…I was miserable and managed, at times, to spread my misery to those around me. The quest for perfection made me unbearable. Shoot…sometimes, I couldn’t even stand myself.

The second half of my life to date has been an ongoing realisation that perfection is a process that has no end. My quest for perfection was a misinterpretation of God’s will for me (and for all of us duped by the illusion of perfection and all it appears to offer).

God’s will is not for us to be perfect but for us to #BEGREATER.

We show up on this earth as raw material – lumps of coal. Only through the trials, tribulations, tests and pressures of life can we be transformed into diamonds. Depending on how we approach what comes at us and what we find ourselves mixed up in will we determine what kind of diamond we will become – big, small, dull, brilliant, flawed, flawless.

Consider, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Ghandi and Jesus. All of these leaders I would describe as diamonds whose lives shine brilliantly still today. They shine because they lived selflessly giving of themselves fully to and for the love of others. And therein lives the secret of a greater life – give selflessly.

As I continue to learn, especially when I’m feeling selfish and stingy, the more I give selflessly, the richer I become; the more I give selflessly, the more fulfilled I am.

As it is with me, so it can be with you.

Your flaws will begin to fade away when you allow generosity to flow from a giving heart.

We all have rough edges. But it is through our lives and the needs in the lives of those around us that rub up against us that we and they become more polished when we act generously and give selflessly.

Our lives are a journey of perfection. We will never achieve perfection but we can give towards perfecting who we are created to be.

Below are the stones of wisdom I’ve gleaned this week. May some or all rub you the right way and help you #BEGREATER.

1. Guard against poverty – give generously.
2. Take the lead.
3. It’s okay to be unmotivated.
4. Motivation comes from starting.
5. To lead, communicate clearly, consistently, courteously and constantly.
6. Serve others. Solve problems. Save causes.
7. Discrimination relegates people to second-class citizenship.
8. See people through God’s eyes rather than the filter of your own.
9. Champions are made in practice.
10. Success is not an event but a process.
11. You are never poor if you have someone to love.
12. Feed your faith and starve your doubts.
13. Keep forgiving.
14. Reach for people who stretch you.
15. The more you have, the more will be asked of you.
16. Giving is the highest form of living.
17. Get God involved in your finances.
18. The sooner you sow seeds, the sooner you reap harvests.

God bless &



A Father’s Day Present

by Richard Norris on June 19, 2016

Family In The Swimming Pool

Happy Father’s Day!

Many of us dads the world over will be treated extra special today by our kids, our families.

There will be home-made cards, socks, wild ties, tools and all other sorts of gifts that are for dad only.

If my house is anything to go by, there will likely be abounding excitement coming from your kids because they cannot wait to help you have a special day.

There will be games, snuggles, cuddles and kisses.

There will be meals – in bed, at the table, or out.

Best of all, no matter what, there will be memories and moments. Make them great and make the most of them – not just for you, but for everyone.

Not a day goes by when I don’t aim to make my kids’ day. One aim always is to make them laugh…even if it is a last-minute tickle before the kids go to sleep (I have yet to try that with my wife…there’s an idea!).

Not a day goes by when I don’t book-end my day giving thanks for my family and asking God to bless them and help me to serve them better so they can be their best.

Not a day goes by when I don’t show and tell them I love them.

Not a day goes by when I am not present with them.

Sadly, today, there are many fathers and, seemingly, fewer dads. Allow me my distinction – a father begets a child, a dad raises one. Every child has a father, but not every child has a dad. That’s why I prefer to think of today as Daddy’s Day.

It’s true, some kids have no dad. He never showed up or has willfully left their lives. As such, there are many single mothers out there valiantly raising their kids alone. However, despite mum’s best efforts, she cannot fill the dad space in each child’s heart and life.

Every child needs a dad, not just a father.

As I’ve witnessed, some kids have a father in the home, but do not have a dad. Some father’s have lost their way, deluded by the world that career and self come first. They may even believe that they are doing a good job raising their family because they are provided for them. Several years ago, I was endangering my family with just such an attitude. Such an attitude makes a dad an endangered species.

Kids need a dad.

Your kids want you, all of you. They want your time. They want your attention. They want your affirmation. They want your affection. In short, they want you Dad!

You have likely heard it told as acceptable that today it’s quality not quantity time with kids and family. Please don’t get me wrong, quality is important, but as hit home with me a few years back:

You can only have quality time, when you invest quantity time.

That means to be a dad, you have to be present. When you are present you’re investing in your child’s life and that, like any good investment, you can therefore expect great returns. But if you do not make a deposit or your deposits are sparing, then don’t be surprised when your paltry investment doesn’t measure up against the test of time.

To be present means you put everything else aside in your life, the distractions and lesser priorities, and put those who matter most to you first. That’s what you and your kids truly need.

Remember…the main thing is never a thing – it is always a relationship.
And for any relationship to grow, time and attention is required. These two factors are non-negotiables.

Being a dad means your kids know they are #1.

Being a dad means you never leave nor forsake your kids.

Being a dad means when you show up, you show up – 100%!

Being a dad means being present and maximising the moment to create a memory worth having for all concerned.

Being a dad means being the last person to let go in such a moment.

If being a dad for you is tough, I get it. I have days like that. No one ever said it would be easy. Sure it may not be easy, but is certainly worthwhile.

A father gives up, but a dad stands up…again and again!

Today, revel in the celebration of you as a dad. Use today as a platform to be an even better dad tomorrow. To do that remember, every day is a new day, a new opportunity to be there, to be present with and for your kids.

Here’s a wee present form me. A lot of what I’ve gleaned this past week along, has relevance to being a dad. Please read on. May there be a gift just for you below:

1. Meet the needs of others with excellence and generosity.
2. Trust God for your provision.
3. Give. Save. Spend.
4. Fear of lack is a root cause of greed.
5. Learn God’s promises, understand the ones that are conditional, meet the conditions and rest in His love and faithfulness.
6. Do the natural things and trust God to do the supernatural ones.
7. Some of your biggest breakthroughs will happen in the wilderness.
8. Resist the urge to rush ahead.
9. Believe by faith and begin to live life to the full.
10. Confront your prejudices and root out your biases.
11. Be a bridge, not a wall – show love.
12. Make sure when opportunity knocks, you are at the door to answer.
13. In marriage, if you’re not spending time together, one of you is missing the other.
14. Don’t allow jealousy to grow into bitterness, distrust or disgust.
15. For the best opportunity of success, cultivate compelling purpose, clear perspective, continual prayer and courageous persistence.
16. Pray every day: ask…seek…knock.
17. Don’t tolerate prayerlessness in your life.
18. Crave, schedule and protect those times with God and those who matter most.
19. Where there’s a team, there’s more than one way.
20. Be loyal to your friends.
21. Opportunities are seldom labelled. John Maxwell
22. If you want to find out who your true friends are, just make a mistake. Bob Gass

Happy Daddy’s Day!

God bless &



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